An Introduction to Light, Lasers, Reflection and Refraction

As you complete the various stations for this activity please be sure to read all instructions very carefully, be gentle with all materials, and do your best to work cooperatively as a group. You may go through stations 2 through 6 in any order. We will work through stations 1 and 7 together.

Station #


Links, etc.

Mystery of the Senses: Vision (a PBS video)
Answer packet questions as you watch
Light crossword puzzle
See book at station (Science Fact Files; Light and Sound)
A voicethread video introducing reflection topics
Reflection part 2
See book at station (Physical Science in Depth: Light)
Lasers intro
Voicethread introduction to lasers
Light refraction and a prism

Video demonstration of refraction using a prism
Mirrors, reflection, and a three dimensional coordinate system
(Relax,… It's not as complicated as it sounds.)

PDF of packet students will use for the activity:

Students, in order to complete station number seven, you will need to create a
grid on your packet similar to the one below. You will use the coordinates
Mr. Vincelette gives your group for your bottom and left dot.
Bottom dot
Left dot
Image of bottom dot
Image of left dot
(1, 2, 3)
(4, 5, 6)