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Mountain Ridge Middle School
is excited to participate in the2015 Battle of the Books (BoB)!
We will be competing against the following middle schools in our district: Cresthill, Castle Rock, Sierra, Rocky Heights, Cimarron, Mesa and Sagewood. The purpose of a Battle of the Books is to encourage reading through a little friendly, quick action, competition. Teams of five students (with one alternate) compete against each other in a quiz-bowl type competition. All questions begin with “In which book…” Students will create the questions for the battle as they are reading the books. Competition will be double elimination tournament brackets.

Click on book below for brief synopsis of that title.

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2014-2015 BoB SCHEDULE

November & December
Kids read books. Get together during ACCESS on Wednesdays and Thursdays.
(No pressure, whenever you can make it!)
Practices (again, no pressure) held in LMC during ACCESS, work on questions
Students form teams – submit some type of team registration
MRMS school battle (parents welcome), time & location to be announced
Wednesday,April 29th
The throw down battle between all
DCSD Middle Schools at Cresthill Middle School (time TBD)
A Note to Parents: We could use help! :) Click on link below on how you can get involved.
Click here for BoB Info for Parents