Eli Vincelette - an incoming freshman at Arapahoe HS

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Eddie Vincelette valiantly guarding his family's hybrid vehicle

To complete the reading road trip students must:
  • Read, watch or listen to all assigned information related to each installment of the trip, then respond to any corresponding questions.

  • Use the given information to figure out where Eli and Eddie were for each of the installments.

  • Record their responses to assigned questions, etc. on their own copy of the road trip Google doc

In the table below you will find information related to 10 different locations the boys visited during their road trip. Use the information given to answer the questions for each installment. Then work on figuring out Eli and Eddie's final destination, and the nine other places they visited as they traveled. (Note: they started at the Vincelette compound in Centennial, CO.) To see an introductory voicethread click here.

Installment Topic
Related Information (files, links, etc.)
Questions or tasks
Topic #1

ZIP Codes

Introduction and article from Smithsonian.com related to the history of ZIP Codes

Transcript from NPR: interview with "ZIP Code Man"
Audio of interview with ZIP Code Man
Questions for you to consider:
ZIP Codes are one way we break our country into smaller regions. What other codes, zones, etc. do we use to create smaller regions within our country? Can you explain how one of these other codes/zones works?
Topic #2

The Interstate Highway System

Introductory video link

Questions for you to consider:
1. What are the benefits of having an interstate highway system?
2. Building an interstate highway system is expensive. What is a reasonable way to pay for it?
3. What are the drawbacks of having an interstate highway system?
4. How many ways can you think of that the interstate highway system impacts your life?
Topic #3

Gar Fishing

Introductory text:

Link to National Geographic online article
As you read the information sources keep the following tasks in mind:
1. Explain why a gar would not make a good pet for your home fish tank. Be sure to include evidence directly from the text in your explanation.

2. Provide reasons why a large longnose gar might scare someone swimming in a river. Then provide one reason not to fear them.

3. Describe physical traits of the longnose gar that you think have helped it survive for the last hundred million years.
Topic #4

Hybrid Car Technology

Excerpt from, Eye on Energy: Alternative Cars (629.22 Whe)

Questions for you to consider:
  1. How much gas will the tank of Mr. Vincelette’s car hold?
  2. Where did the car run out of gas?
  3. What was the cost per gallon for the gas?
  4. When does the prius use only its electric motor?
  5. When does it only use the gas engine (a.k.a. internal combustion engine)?
  6. When does the car use both the electric motor and the gas engine?
  7. If hybrid vehicles are more expensive, why would someone want to buy one?
  8. Give an example of a hybrid vehicle that is not a car.
Topic #5

Natural and man-made cooling systems

Introduction, article and link to Jing video:

Link for instructions
Questions/tasks for you to consider:
1. How is a dog’s cooling system different from a human’s? Be sure to include evidence directly from the text in your explanation.
2. If you suspect that your dog is becoming overheated, what should you do? Be sure to include evidence directly from the text in your explanation.
3. Describe at least one similarity between the cooling systems of dogs and the cooling systems of cars/trucks.
Topic #6

Wind Energy

Introduction and articles for this segment:.

Link to William Kamkwamba's TED talk
William Kamkwamba being interviewed
voicethread related to wind turbines and Eli/Eddie's location

Online wind turbine articles:
National Geographic online article
How a wind turbine works
Top 10 things you didn't know about wind power
Questions for you to consider:
1. What are the advantages of using the wind as an energy source?
2. What are the disadvantages of using the wind as an energy source?
3. How much of a difference has nonfiction text made in Williams life?
4. List at least two positive personality traits you think William possesses, and briefly describe how they have contributed to his success. (Examples of personality traits are,… Courage, tenacity, etc.)
Topic #7

White Water Rafting in Pennsylvania


Over the Falls at Ohiopyle
learn how to pronounce Youghiogheny
Questions/tasks for you to consider:

1. Most companies use their website to attract customers. Describe how the wilderness voyageurs website uses text and images to convince people that white water rafting on one of their guided trips will be an enjoyable experience. Be sure to include evidence directly from the text in your description.

2. White water rafting can be a dangerous activity. People occasionally die or are seriously injured while doing it. Because of this, people are sometimes reluctant to go on the sorts of trips that Wilderness Voyageurs provides. Find several examples in the text of language intended to make people feel that they will be safe during their white water adventure.

3. Suppose the owners of Wilderness Voyageurs contact you and want your opinion regarding the information you have read. Did it make you want to go on one of their trips down the river? Explain which parts of the text were most convincing for you and why. Also include which parts the text you found to be least convincing and why.
Topic #8

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Introductory video link
(click on Steve shares Chipotle’s vision on Nightline)

Two magazine articles concerning Chipotle Mexican Grill:

Questions for you to consider:
1. Is Chipotle Mexican Grill different from other “fast food” restaurant chains? What evidence can you find to support your opinion?
2. Find as many reasons as you can that explain why someone would want to work for Chipotle.
Topic #9

Anton Hulman Jr.

Information related to Anton Hulman Jr.

Questions for you to consider:
1. Who was Anton Hulman?
2. What did he do that made people want to name the road leading to and from a rest stop after him?
3. What is an example of a tradition that he followed?
4. Where were Eli and Eddie when they visited that rest stop?
5. As you read the article from the Saturday evening Post, you will notice that the Indy 500 has led to several automobile related innovations. Describe why you think a car race would lead to such innovations.
Topic #10

Road construction barrels

Introductory audio (phone call with man from roadworkproducts.com)

Reading materials related to road construction barrels

Questions for you to consider:
1. What is used to give the barrels enough weight to stay in place?
2. How much do they cost?
3. What are they made out of?
4. Where do they keep them when they are not being used?
5. What sorts of features are considered important in a road construction barrel?
6. What were you most surprised to learn from this segment of the road trip?
Link to Jing video for Klinkerman
Link to soundtrack