Stations, links, etc. for the Exercises in Mapping activity

Students participating in this activity will each need their own copy of the accompanying packet:

Each group of four students will need one copy of this flawed map:

Jing video instructions for activity

Station #

Links and related info
Introductory videos from National Geographic, etc.

Video Vincelette shows at start of unit:

Mapping the unknown part one

Other related videos:
Hank Green's 42 Amazing Maps
Maps that make you realize you know nothing about…
NPR's This American Life: Mapping.
New Zealand cave holding an underground river
Kartchner cave in Arizona
Inside Howe Caverns
Blake, Pat and Chris in the corn maze

PDF for this station:


Mapping Mr. Vincelette's trek around Matthews/Winters Park

Link to voicethread made for this station

Hardcopies of park map available at tables

The geographic features of Meyerland

See large green maps at tables

Kerry and her cave exploration adventure

See maps on kiosks

or use this PDF:

Mapping and Minecraft

Students can use video posted on smart board computer and TV

or use this link

Charting the features of LMC Caverns

See library staff for your chance to explore the caverns

Google form for exit data

slide pres
Confused about latitude and longitude? Take a look at the YouTube video posted below.