Are You Ready to Debate?!
The items posted on this page are intended for the use of eighth grade students who are using voicethread to debate current issues in US foreign and domestic policy. This unit will have three phases.

Phase 1 = researching major domestic and foreign policy issues

Choose your issue and use the correct sign up document:

CORE 1 sign up grid
CORE 2 sign up grid
CORE 3 sign up grid
CORE 4 sign up grid
CORE 7 sign up grid
CORE 8 sign up grid

Domestic Policy Issues

Immigration Policy

Gun Control

U.S. Energy Policy

Guantanamo Detention Center

Access to Health Care/Obama Care

Illegal Drug Policy

Water Rights

Foreign Policy Issues

War on TerrorGlobal Climate

Arab-Israeli Conflict


Arab Spring

Relations with China

Vincelette will instruct students regarding reliable DCL resources for research and Destiny quest

Phase 2 = Providing perspectives on one major foreign policy issue and/or one major domestic policy issueDebates/presentations will be presented to classmates and the teacher via voicethread projects collaborators will create. (Access voicethread here. Remember all MRMS student voicethread accounts use a login email that follows this pattern:

Voicethread tutorials (and a sample) created by Mr. Vincelette: basics, embedding a voicethread, collaborating on a voicethread
sample collaboration voicethread

Please take a moment and complete the Google form posted here.

Phase 3 = students will watch and critique classmates voicethread debates, then use a Google doc to reflect on what they have seen and heard. (Click for student Google login)

Each student will watch VoiceThread debates related to some assigned number of foreign and domestic policy issues. (For example, students may be told that they have to watch the voicethread's related to three of the major domestic issues and two of the foreign-policy issues. Your classroom teacher will determine what the number of issues will be.) Students will be expected to use provided Google doc to critique and reflect on debates watched. Vincelette will provide Google doc for students to copy then use.

Please take a moment and complete the end of project Google form.