Genetics Fest in the MRMS Library
Be sure to MAKE A COPY of the Google doc we will be using.
Day #1Congratulations. You are about to participate in the fabulous Genetics Fest here in our library. After receiving instructions, begin by answering the question for today from your copy of the Google DOC, then start working through the first five activities listed below. You will be given all but the last 30 min. of class to complete those tasks. During the last half hour of class you and your classmates will all be working on activity number 6. As always, BE SURE TO READ ALL DIRECTIONS VERY CAREFULLY! (click for prerecorded directions)

All participants will need a copy of the student answer sheet:

Activity #
Answer Sheet Task
Related Resources

Complete the crossword puzzle


Complete the punnett squares and related questions

Huntington's disease voicethread
Punnett square explained

Use your knowledge of DNA fingerprinting to find the criminal, etc.

Note: the DNA fingerprint lineup below has two pages. Make sure you look at both before deciding on your answer.
DNA fingerprint lineup
DNA fingerprint process overview

Identify issues of phenotype and genotype

Helpful Info: Phenotype is how an organism's genes are expressed. For example, your hair color along with your height and eye color are all part of your phenotype. We can see them easily with our own eyes (we don't need a microscope or any other complicated equipment). Your genotype is not easily seen from outside your body. Your genotype is your whole set of genes. People can have the same phenotype and yet have different genotypes. For example, people with brown eyes can have the same phenotype (eyes that are brown) but have different genotypes that resulted in them having brown eyes.

Identify the steps in mitosis and arrange them in their proper order

Use the information in the links below to help you complete station #5.

Mitosis: Dance of the Chromosomes
Hand-Mnemonic to Learn Mitosis - video
6 (save for end)
For this station you will be reading/listening to articles, then writing and taking part in a discussion regarding a ban on human cloning. To begin, please click on the cloning ban opposition PDF at right. You will be reading the document at the same time you are hearing an audio version of it. As you read, keep the questions from station six in mind. (Click for video instructions)

Dear Mr. Savage, the 4 items below are for Genetics Fest Day Two

Info source #= =
Subject= =
PBS NOVA video explaining the link between genetics, lice, and human evolution
FYI: NOVA has been on the air for decades and continues to churn out amazing science programs

(This information source should help you with tasks A and C)

Link for lice video
Note: we will only watch the first 7:07 of the video.
It may be helpful to take a look at the explanation on the PDF posted below:

Article related to developing surprising new ways of growing teeth.

(This information source should help you with tasks C and D)

Note: the article was obtained using Middle Search Plus which can be accessed through the homepage of this wiki
Radiolab segment #1 - Wintergreen scented E. Coli and an introduction to bioengineering
FYI: Radiolab is a very, very cool weekly radio program that explores all sorts of science topics.

(This information source should help you with task B)

Note: we will begin listening at 7:45 into the segment
NOVA video - we will view a segment that explains how our DNA reveals information related to Neanderthals

(This information source should help you with task A)

(You will have to purchase this program, or watch it in the MRMS library. See Pete for details.)
Note: we will watch the segment that begins 18:00 into the video

Activities for day number three
Info source #= =
Subject= =
Radiolab segment #2 - further information regarding bioengineering and issues associated with it

(This information source should help you with tasks B and D)

Note: we will be listening to this entire segment
Cloning of horses for profit

(This information source should help you with task B)

News report video related to horses being cloned.

60 minutes report on horse cloning in polo

Related news item regarding cloned dogs
Update on George Church and Craig Venter (who we first met on Radio Lab)

(This information source should help you with task D)

Click to hear news report

Progress check


Activities for day number four

Info source #


What the heck is CRISPR?

CRISPR and the Future of Human Evolution

MUTANT MENU The Ethics of Gene Editing

Day 2 & 3 wrap up activity:

Day #2 & 3 lesson assembled (I guess that's the best way of describing it) by Pete Vincelette

Link to let's get started
Ban vid