Our Food Supply, Genetically Modified Food Controversies, and You:

On this page you will find resources for a research project related to issues involving our food supply. The goal of the project is to give students opportunities to learn about our food supply, strengthen their ability to think critically (as they weigh arguments on either side of controversial issues), and gain a basic understanding of the following:

  • What genetically modified foods are & how they differ from non-GM foods

  • The government agencies that are involved in the regulation of our food supply

  • Arguments on either side of some GM food related controversies


Day #
Related Info

  • Introductory Bill Nye video
  • Background information on what genetically modified foods are, concerns people have about them, and benefits their use may yield
  • role of the three government agencies charged with regulating genetically modified foods: FDA, USDA, EPA
  • GM food controversy #1: Golden Rice
Link to Google doc students will be using
Link to Bill Nye discussing GM food
World Health Organization: what are GM foods?
Intro vid

News report regarding GMO "golden rice"
  • Selective breeding versus transgenic manipulation
  • GM food controversy #2: Chipotle's "G-M-Over It" policy

  • Prep work for Intelligence Squared debate

Selective breeding versus transgenic manipulation:

Video explaining transgenic manipulation
Nova GM food site (SB Versus TM)

Chipotle restaurant GM food policy:

CNN report 1
CNN report 2
Article from time.com

G-M-Over it page from chipotle.com
Criticism of Chipotle's GMO policy

Class Google doc links for Chipotle activity (instruc vid)
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Block 4
Block 5
Block 6
Block 7
Block 8

Preparing for day 3 debate:
Access background information on debaters here
GM food controversy #3: Now that we have some background information, and practice with controversies, let's listen to a debate where people argue for and against the use of GM
crops and foods. The debate was held on a radio program called, Intelligence Squared. Listen closely, because you will be expected to provide insightful and informed answers to questions related to the debate.

Google form for debate

vid instruc