Welcome to the inter-Planetary Primate Project (a.k.a. iP3)

The year is 2054 and you are part of a group that has been hired to work as consultants on an inter-Planetary Primate Project mission. Over the course of the next several days you will be given a variety of opportunities to learn about our universe. We will start by looking at our own planet as seen from outer space, then you will be given time to learn about other planets and objects in our solar system, as well as some of the features of deep space. You will use what you have learned to make recommendations regarding a mission to one of the planets in our solar system.

Information sources: Science Online, Worldbook online, Middle Search Plus, Access Video On Demand

Day #1 activities:

Today's activities will begin with a video created using footage from a NASA satellite. We will then move on to a unit overview and the first reading. If time permits, we will also take a look at the primate candidates you may choose from for your assigned mission.

NASA Video

Planet Assignments


Primate Profiles

Link to Google doc

Day #2 activities:

We will start today with some instructions and a video created by the European Space Agency. The remainder of the period will be spent working on the station activity. Please be sure to read all instructions very carefully and to treat all materials very gently.

Introductory Jing Video

European Space Agency (ESA) video

Google doc link for station activity

Day 2 overview and instructions
ESA video as an MP4 download
Link to video
Station activity Google doc

Note: much of the information for the station activity comes from, National Geographic Kids Space Encyclopedia: A Tour of Our Solar System and Beyond, and Night Sky by Giles Sparrow

Day #3 activities:

Overview video
Introductory sermon from Mr. Vincelette related to Hawaii 5-0 and working in a group

Finish station activity

Second Reading

If time allows…

Be sure to complete all 15 of the stations. If you need more time, you can come in the library during WIN or access.
Open the Google doc for your group and carefully follow all instructions given.

Review your group's mission using the PDF below

Take a look at the three primate choices given in the PDF below

Open the word document below, then copy the mission grid and paste it into your Google doc. You will then need to work as a group on completing the assigned tasks. (This is explained in the video for today.)

Use the books on the cart Mr. Vincelette provided, along with the information sources listed at the top of this page, to begin researching your planet.

Day #4 activities:

Use the resources posted on this page to complete your Mission Grid (be sure to have it pasted to the bottom of your station activity Google doc). Posted below are several links to videos, etc. that will give you further information related to space exploration.

Video #1 - Mr. Vincelette's screen capture movie with information about the Stella Nova Spaceship
Video #2 - Science & Space: Solar System 101
Video #3 - Adam Riess presentation to the National Geographic Society

China's space prgrm
http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=A2A2lZGf4J8
http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=lXXe3HYlArs

Russia's space prgrm

Other Related Information

Did you need to complete the station activity from home? If so, feel free to use the items in the grid below.

Station #

Related Resources

Station #

Related Resources

Station #

Related Resources



see library





see library




Note: Pluto is the first of the outer dwarf planets, followed by Haumea, Makemake, and Eris.







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