There has been a murder in the MRMS library!
murder mystery crime scene picture.jpg

Below you will find PDF files that will give you all the information you need to find out about the crime scene, the victim, and the suspects. Use the clues and your critical thinking skills to figure out who the murderer was. Remember, the murderer had to have a weapon, a motive and an opportunity. For a complete introduction to getting started with the library murder mystery watch the two videos posted below.

Video instruc #1

Video instruc #2

Students will need to read this information (PDF referred to as document #1):
Each student will need a copy of this (PDF referred to as document #2):
Each group of four students will need one copy of this (PDF referred to as document #3):

The following stations should be completed in numerical order by students working in groups.

Take a look at one of many classic mystery stories made available by Project Gutenberg - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's, A Case of Identity (a Sherlock Holmes adventure):

Listen to A Case of Identity part 1 and part 2 courtesy of

Mrs. Meyer reading the background text for the mystery:

Interesting Extras:

The Mystery of Eli and the Elephant

If time permits… Here's a great short story that will give you a chance to use your problem solving/critical thinking skills.