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Resources for alternative energy research:

NASA Challenge: Thermal Protection Systems

NASA challenges on NSTA website

NASA Design Challenge

Xcel Energy - Teachers Lounge

K-12 lesson plans Energy department

Renewable Energy - starts out simple and then covers all what we’re looking for with small building designs/activities.

STEM website

Interactive Periodic Table - received 5 stars!

Biomass Resources

National Renewable Energy

Alternative Energy activities - Biomass

Energy Lesson plans

Denver Zoo and sustainability - Gasification

Satellite research links:

Get started by using some links that have been selected for you:
links for satellite research

Note: Perhaps your presentation would benefit from animations,etc. (see examples below)

example 1

example 2

example 3

Deep Space research links

Take a look at seven great sites to help you with your deep space research -

Listed below are several links that you may find helpful as you create your presentation.
Introduction to voicethread
Introduction to voicethread part two
Introduction to voice thread part three
Voicethread "basics" page
Sample Voicethread project: Click here

Examples of other students work:

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Rasbach's Core 1 voicethread group

Rasbach's Core 2 voicethread group

Rasbach's Core 3 voicethread group

Rasbach's Core 4 voicethread group

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