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Click below to see how you can be a part of the MASIV Beauty Project.
(Included are the guidelines for submission and some more examples.)

5 Steps ofThe First MASIV Project
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1. Fill MASIV w/beauty images & text from MRMS students and staff.
Take a look at some of these "beautiful" examples of student work:
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2. Assemble group of students for Beauty Invasion Force (BIF).

3. Library staff and BIF install MASIV at public gathering sites (such as public library, etc.)
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4. At site, BIF interacts with/collects examples of beauty from community members.

5. BIF and library staff reinstall completed MASIV project in MRMS Commons.

Check out the Evolution of: MASIV Project title.jpg
The project began during one of Mr. Vinclette's trips to RAFT (resource area for teaching). He was inspired by a playhouse built out of foamcore and began toying with the idea of using foam core sheets as a building material.

boards small.jpg
He purchased two foam core sheets and a few cardboard tubes. After doing some experiments with those, Mr. V created a plan for the project then returned to RAFT and bought another 21 foam core sheets, along with a whole bunch of red cardboard tubes.
Corner model.jpg
For the structure to stand on its own, it would need to have at least one corner. Creating that corner was one of the most interesting parts of the project. This is a picture of the cardboard model used to plan the corner.
paint small.jpg
All of the boards were painted white to resemble a large blank canvas. The idea was to have a way of displaying all sorts of creative projects in the future.
Another important part of the construction was the cardboard tubes that connect the walls. These were also purchased at RAFT. Finding ways to use cast off materials helped keep the cost of the project very low.

put together.jpg
The walls were constructed using the foam core boards, cardboard tubes, wood glue, and velcro. It was important for the walls to be light but stable and not too fragile.
put together 2.jpg
The velcro allows the wall to be taken apart for storage, to be transported more easily, and to be assembled in a variety of ways.
The construction took up a good part of the 1st quarter of the 2014/15 school year. Our hope is that the structure will be used in a wide variety of ways at Mountain Ridge for a long time!
The MASIV Project_image1.jpg
The final MASIV Project structure set up to serve as a divider between library zones. Note the arrow pointing at the panel reserved for beauty documents from non-student community members.
The MASIV Project_image 2.jpg
View of the structure from its opposite side.