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Citing Sources

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Mind control safety tips video
AFDB mind control prevention device diagram:

1. WebQuest for website evaluation
2. Ithaca College guide for evaluating resources
When completing a writing assignment on a research topic, it is important to put what you have learned into your own words. To copy someone else’s work and turn it in as your own is plagiarism, and plagiarism is bad, bad, very bad! In addition to avoiding plagiarism it is important to give credit to the people whose work you have used in your research. This important part of the research process is called citing sources. A list of citations at the end of your written paper is called a works consulted listing or bibliography.

Here are two easy to use sites that will help you cite your sources:
Easy Bib -
Bib Me -

Resource Comparison Grid (things to think about regarding online info)

Type of Resource
Who has evaluated it before kids use it?
What sorts of things do we need to be aware of?
Non-fiction and Reference books
Librarian, reviewing agencies
Copyright dates/is the information current, reading and interest levels
Destiny & WebPath Express
Vendor, reviewing agencies,librarians
Reading and interest levels
DCLSubscription Databases
(scroll to bottom of linked page)
Vendors, reviewing agencies, librarians
Reading and interest levels
World Wide Web
Incorrect, obsolete or misleading information, reading and interest levels

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